General Liability Insurance

When you build your own company from the ground up, you know just how hard it is to even pull it off. You have dealt with obstacles that challenged your faith in your business but somehow you’ve managed to overcome them and even surpassed them with flying colors.

Now, you also understand that in business, anything can happen – accidents, legal lawsuits, disgruntled employees, all of which can at any given time drain you of your hard-earned profits and tie you up in legal battles. It is for this reason that you need General Liability Insurance to protect your assets and have someone else take care of the expenses and damages that your business may incur.


So Many Scenarios … One Customized Solution:

Property and Operations

A customer is on your property or on the property you are working on, they suffer an injury from a fall or flying object. Before you know it their medical bills are showing up in your mail and you are responsible for the payment. General Liability from Synerprise will handle the medical charges and cover you should you be sued by the customer for negligence.


Completed Services

Your roofing company replaces the roof on a house but something happens that causes financial hardship on the client. You start to receive legal notices in the mail telling you of an impending lawsuit. General Liability from Synerprise will handle the defense cost and damages up to the policy limits.


Advertisement Damage

You place an ad in the newspaper that causes financial hardship to a competitor. They are not happy that you caused them problems, so they decide to file a lawsuit against you and your company. General Liability from Synerprise will help with your defense and any damages that may occur, up to the policy limits.

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