PEO Services

PEO services from Synerprise Insurance Group give your company the benefits of having a fully staffed and knowledgeable HR, Tax, and Legal departments without having to invest the time and money to find the right people.

From employment law reporting to keeping track of employee files, Synerprise Insurance Group has the professionals to assist you with all your HR and administrative needs.

Your Company with Multiple Vendors

Bundled Solution: Synerprise

Services Provided by our Professional Employer Organization – PEO

Workers Compensation

  • Policy Administration
  • Injury Claim Administration
  • Safety Compliance & Audits
  • Safety Compliance Services
  • Safety Training Classes

HR Services

  • Training & Development
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Labor Law Compliance
  • Job Descriptions
  • Help Center
  • Recruiting
  • Legal Q&A
  • Employers Practice Liability
    Insurance (EPLI)

Benefits Administration

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plan Services
  • 401k Administration

Payroll Management

  • Payroll Administration
  • Tax Payment and Filing
  • W2’s, 1099’s
  • Online Payroll Entry
  • Paycard
  • Time & Attendance
  • General Ledger Interface
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Benefits of PEO

  • Enjoy Massive Buyer Power – As a small business, it is difficult to get preferred benefits at affordable premiums. Through our Professional Employer Organization, you can obtain deep savings for your companies premiums, often as much as 10 to 20% while receiving a “Fortune 500” type package usually only available to employers and corporations.
  • Gain Certainty Your Company is in Compliance – A PEO gives your business guidance of legal compliance and improved risk management, safety support, training and claims processing services, you gain peace of mind.
  • Reduced Liability – Trying to keep up with the legal issues that can come with workers compensation, benefits administration, HR management and payroll management can be difficult and could cost your company. With a PEO you have a partner in the liabilities related to legal issues. A PEO assumes or shares those Liabilities with the employer, reducing the risk on your business.

Why you should outsource your HR to a PEO

  • A PEO helps your company stay compliant: When it comes to HR management, ignorance is not a defense. There are thousands of regulations regarding HR processes, making it difficult to operate your business and keep up with them at the same time. A PEO’s job is to stay on top of these regulations to mitigate risks and help you stay in business for the long-term.
  • PEOs impact business culture: A good PEO will help you evaluate everyday practices and determine if they are sustainable for long-term. For example, if you provide a daily lunch for five employees, is that a sustainable practice when your company grows to 25 or 50 employees? A PEO will evaluate your alternatives and may determine it is better to provide snacks instead of meals.
  • A PEO acts as your eyes and ears: Too many companies let performance issues go uncorrected because managers do not want to address the problem or lack the skills to address the problem. A good PEO will get to know your employees, which helps to identify issues before they become problems. Cutting down on those issues can prevent lost time and lost money.
  • PEOs are a good sounding board: A good PEO is a business partner, not just a cheerleader for your business. If you are looking to embark on a new business strategy, a PEO can help you identify if you have the right people in place. A PEO can also identify whether your company should hire more employees or if it is time to reduce staff.
  • PEOs save you money: In an increasingly litigious world, the HR decisions that you make can cost you a fortune in lawsuits. Having an HR expert helps you identify and fix potential problems in your process before they occur, saving you from costly lawsuits.

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